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"Wacky Waiters" is an excellent way of entertaining your clients 'with a difference'!
Our unusual 'waiters and waitresses' confuse your guests masquerading as the genuine articles
in this evening of mischievous comedy and mayhem.

The evening begins with the serving of the most unlikely hors d'oeuvres - carrot and jelly baby for example, served by Café Kølbert!

As dinner commences to background music of a subtly dubious nature the different characters begin to unfold:

THE TIPSY WAITER/WAITRESS - This individual has a slight alcohol problem and is seen furtively hiding his/her own alcohol supply which consists of siphoned dregs of wine/beer from the guests' own glasses! Offering this supply for re-circulation and entertaining the guests with tales of 'times gone by', eventually their collapse is imminent!

THE EX-CON WAITER - Released only recently from several years in H.M. Hotel, this is his first job in the big wide world outside and it is very difficult for him to adjust to civvies! The prison canteen is more his line - watch with amusement at his attitude to your guests as he reluctantly 'attends' to them! Don't be surprised to see him with a furtive doggy bag for your leftovers!

THE SLOPPY WAITRESS - This waitress leaves much to be desired as she wafts around criticising the ladies' attire and coiffures and offering to feed those guests who look as though they're having trouble! Her waitressing skills are definitely questionable as she clears up huge piles of plates etc. soliciting the assistance of unsuspecting guests! Watch with delight as people search in vain for her lost earring or contact lens!

THE ODDJOB MAN - Repairs are necessary at all times of the day and night! Our friendly oddjobber is intent on completing his task - whether it is drilling under your table or checking to see if the lights are OK - nothing will deter him. Unless someone has the audacity to complain of course!

N.B. One of the above characters can be a Spanish 'Manuel' type for a Fawlty Towers flavour!
As the evening progresses and guests eventually realise they've been 'had' - all is revealed and the characters exposed! They will then involve everyone in a finale sing song of classic numbers such as 'Hey Big Spender' encouraging audience participation from willing victims!

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